Founder and instructor for AKKA PANNA & ACADEMY, June Ramsoedit, gives his views below.


The street is largely lost among the youth. Most are behind their computers or playing computer games during street soccer players learn the technique by playing. The street was up as a footballer. Technically, tactically, physically and mentally. The largely disappeared from street view will not only technology, but also the mental toughness and cleverness with a particular physical to go. The technology forms the main basis for a good player. Both offensive and defensive. When football is often the opportunity to give specific football training / get minimal given the small hours of training. AKKA & PANNA ACADEMY offers a player via a curriculum the opportunity to fit themselves through football training. The curriculum is arranged so that each player / player on his / her level can develop.


AKKA & PANNA ACADEMY is for young people, both boys and girls aged 6 to 18 years. Whether they are members of a club or not playing in a selection team at a football club. The player will make the difference against his opponent’s technique. Also, attention will be devoted to tactical, physical and mental skills. AKKA & PANNA ACADEMY Clinics through associations can introduce people to his vision. To support organizations can AKKA & PANNA ACADEMY provide additional training for players, coaches or trainers.

It also gives AKKA PANNA & ACADEMY individual training of talents who are a professional club homework.

The technical coach give the boys and girls with homework exercises. Exercise 10 minutes every day just to have learned even more grinding. We hope that the homework assignments to encourage the children more physically active.